New equipment

New equipment

This is the section you will go to find new equipment. Feel free to add any equipment, and base the purchase DC on Pg. 204 of the core rulebook.

Under slung weapons: these weapons are very small, small enough to be mounted on another weapon. To mount these weapons you must increase the purchase DC of the weapon you are mounting it on by +2. This must be done when you purchase the item. Alternatively, you can make a DC 15 wealth check and succeed on a DC 25 repair check to integrate a rail into an existing weapon. Failing this check by more than 5 destroys the rail, failing this check by more than 15 renders the rifle you attempted to modify useless until you succeed a DC20 repair check. Under slung weapons can be fired as a stand-alone version at a -4 penalty to attack. to be considered proficient a character must take personal firearms proficiency for any under slung weapon. As mentioned earlier, under slung weapons are only mounted on assault rifles. This is because it increases the size category of a weapon by one (though you still use the weapons normally except in the case of already huge weapons, those can’t be used with an under slung weapon at all). It’s also uncommon for sniper rifles as they are rarely ever used in close quarters, and any machine guns (SAW and HMGs) are too bulky already to accommodate such a weapon. Any weapon that is not an assault rifle suffers a -4 penalty to attack if it is equipped with an under slung weapon. This does stack with other penalties such as non-proficiency and automatic attacks. Linking an under slung weapon to a weapon of the appropriate rail is a standard action. A weapon equipped with an under slung weapon is considered a double weapon.

Underslung 12 Gauge shotgun

Damage: 2d8
Critical: 20
damage type: ballistic
Range increment: 20 ft
rate of fire: S
Magazine: 3 box
Weight: 4lbs
Purchase DC: 21
size: medium

This Small cylinder mounts under the barrel of a long arm (usually an assault rifle) and is typically used to hold a breaching round in the chamber (for breaking locks to get through doors) and the other two rounds are usually buckshot (for killing individuals behind the door if the assault rifle it’s attached to is insufficient).

Under slung 40mm grenade launcher

Damage: specia1-see Core rulebook pg 104
Critical: -
Damage type: -
Range increment: 60ft
Rate of fire: single
Magazine: 1 internal
Size: medium
Weight: 5lbs
Purchase DC 23

40mm grenade launchers come in many shapes and sizes. Some load directly through the muzzle, while others load more safely through the rear. These launchers can fire 40mm grenades of any kind.

Varying grenade types: you may use different types of 40mm grenades using the rules for other grenades (with the exception of fragmentation grenades).


New equipment

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