How nationalities behave

War styles

This page covers how nations are likely to behave in this war.


Japan has always been a step down from typical war standards. In ancient times simple things such as refusal to use shields to exotic, but ineffective fighting styles hurt the Japanese military. The biggest issue, however, is how expendable Japan considers its soldiers, and how expendable the soldiers make themselves. Japan has always been one to fight with honor, not with intelligence. Although this is still, to a small degree, true, the United States is still a large influence on Japan. As a result, Japanese soldiers learn the same tactics and training as Americans. Japan also must fight smarter becasue they only just got their full military back, and have limited resources.

United Kingdom and Germany

The United kingdom and Germany fights in the same way as the United states, though they don’t spend nearly as much money on war as we do.

How nationalities behave

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