D20 modern squad

November 19th, 2035

All her comrades dead, with the exception of Suggs, gave Miri’s heart a burning for vengeance. She was given command of a squad and promoted to a full Sargent. Suggs was also given a promotion to Sargent. Despite this, Miri remained bitter from the death of her friends. She took her team to find the enemy near her previous operation. All but Suggs, the team sniper, and the spotter were killed in an ambush shortly after landing. Despite the heavy losses, they pushed on to a hidden camp. Miri lead the attack, charging out with her katana… But the rest of her comrades weren’t lucky at all. One of the many soldiers knocked everyone out with a grenade. Miri finished her enemies and came back to her squad. They were all still alive, but in bad condition. The medical helicopter failed to stabilize Suggs, and he died on the way back to base. Miri was finally redeployed to Hawaii.



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